Employee Profit Sharing

We are pleased to offer Tharaldson Hospitality Staffing a Profit Sharing Plan. All eligible employees will participate—at no cost to them—in the Profit Sharing Plan. See below for more info!

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A Profit Sharing Plan is a type of defined contribution plan that affords company leadership a way to share profits with employees of the company. Essentially, the Profit Sharing Plan allows employees to collect free money—just by being a THM employee!



An eligible employee at THM is any employee who:

•Has been employed at THM for at least one year

• Has attained age 21

• Has worked 1,000 or more hours during the plan year

• Is employed through the last day of the year in which profit sharing plan contributions are determined



Tharaldson Hospitality knows the importance of being set up for success. Through the Profit Sharing Plan, employees are recognized for their hard work in making our company a success by creating a retirement account for each employee. No money is taken from the pockets or paychecks of our employees for this account—the PSP is just one of the many benefits offered by Tharaldson Hospitality Management! You can find out more about our benefits here.

I value your contributions to building our company, and I will continue to look for ways to add value to all employees at THM. Thank you for all you do day in and day out.
— Gary Tharaldson, CEO

Aimee Fyke, COO of Tharaldson Hospitality Management, speaks about our Profit Sharing program.

Questions about our Profit Sharing Plan and what it means for your success as a THM employee? Please let us know on our Contact page!