Internships and Manager In Training

At Tharladson Hospitality Management, we believe that the best people for the job are often already right here. We want to help get you started on that journey by investing into our Manager in Training (or MIT) program. As an MIT, you’ll learn all the ropes of the hospitality industry and where your skills fit into it. For potential employees still working on their degree, we also offer internships to get you a head start. Read below for more details on everything you need to know on getting a foot in the door at THM.



We believe that young people are the future; that’s why we love to offer students still in college an opportunity to work as an intern in many different capacities. If a young professional has an interest in the hospitality industry or with THM specifically, we want them to know that starting as an intern is a great place to begin their professional journey.

mit program

Our Manager in Training (MIT) program is designed to develop supervisors, lead employees, or recent college graduates into potential future managers with Tharaldson Hospitality by using precise management training and field experience.  This self-paced program offers education, training, and hands-on experience to individuals who have a strong desire to succeed and grow with Tharaldson Hospitality.

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