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I want to personally welcome you and thank you for coming to the Tharaldson Hospitality Management website. What started as a single hotel purchase in 1982 became the backbone of the vision of developing the best properties across the United States.

I wrote down that simple original vision on a piece of paper in 1982. It consisted of the single goal of growing the business by enhancing the hotel visitor experience. We would focus on raising the performance of our hotels through the constant pursuit of three main actions:

  • Superior Quality
  • Superior Service
  • Superior Function

Today, together within the Tharaldson Hospitality Management team, we provide management services for 28 hotels in 14 states, with 4 additional hotels opening in 2016. Our individuals from top to bottom of the organization are our strength that sets us apart. We believe in allowing individuals at all levels the freedom to be creative, solve problems and implement their decisions.

Now, we do not just look at these properties as a number on a company spreadsheet, but the development of art and function, creating individual prototype properties that are focused on the details of the hotel experience for you.

Thank you,
Gary Tharaldson
Gary Tharaldson
Founder of Tharaldson Hospitality Management

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